Monday, March 10, 2014


The winter has been terrible filled with snow and cold temperatures. So much so that I only got to visit the boat two times since December. While things were OK on the boat. It was still too cold to spend much time on board on projects and spring outfitting. It's too cold for any painting, varnishing, epoxy. Even holding metal tools for any length of time is not fun with temperatures in the mid 20's. Still I try to accomplish something in the short time I do spend on board. For example I noticed that the ENGEL MT25E refrigerator/freezer needs a little attention after ten years of reliable service:

Because of it's location near the hatch it has developed some rust on the compressor case:

My plan is to sand that off and touch it up with some paint. That is when things get warm enough to bring it outside to work on it. But, since it has been so reliable for the past decade I've never had to do any maintenance on the unit. So like the screws on my Honda 2000 generator some the screws on the ENGEL case may have  rusted in place:

So I figured the least I could do during my visit was to spray some   Corrosion Block penetrate onto the screws and letting it go to work:

I'm hoping it will make removing the screws in the future a much easier process once things warm up enough to spend more time on the boat. At least that's the plan. It's just a little thing to do but, gives me the feeling that at least something was accomplished during the winter visit.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain of inaction. I have my electric propulsion system sitting in a crate in my office. Waiting for the 4' high snow banks between boats to go away... I need to strip and paint my engine compartment, a little epoxy work... All stuff that requires above freezing temperatures to do. Very frustrating...

Spring is just around the corner!



Capt. Mike said...


Hopefully we are heading toward warmer days. Sounds like you got something to really look forward too with the EP conversion. After you finally get the cleaning and painting done in the engine compartment you'll love it as much as I do with how clean your boat will be from now on.