Monday, June 16, 2014


After removing the Paloma hot water heater and reconnecting the pressure water hoses I began thinking. The hoses I reconnected are in a real good location right in the galley and over the sink.

Then I had the AHA moment that it would be nice to have a spray nozzle at that location to help with washing the dishes. Since the hoses were already in that location it should be a simple matter to connect a spray nozzle. So I went out and bought a kitchen SPRAY REPLACEMENT ASSEMBLY; and also a 1/2 inch T adapter which I inserted

I also bought an adapter so I could connect the spray nozzle hose into the boats 1/2 inch pressure water hose.

 I took a few turns around the threads with teflon tape and inserted into a short piece of 1/2" hose:

I then took a 1/2" T connector and placed it between the former intake and hot water out hoses where the former water heater was and connected up the Spray Nozzle hose to it too:

With the hoses connected back up and the new Spray Nozzle connected:

I did a quick test and it worked perfectly. The spray nozzle will really help when cleaning dishes in the sink. Now all I have to do is add some hose clamps and secure the hoses and the job was complete:

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