Friday, April 24, 2015


The brutal winter is finally behind us and I've been spending more and more days on the boat. The electric propulsion system requires so little maintenance that I can concentrate on other areas that need a little more attention. Things like touching up some of the bright work. Such as putting fresh coat of CETOL on the grab rails. As I poke around I keep finding little things that I forgot were on board. For example I went into the storage locker to get some paint brushes for the touch up work and I came upon this:

It's a can of some red spray paint. This was bought and last used years ago to
touch up parts of the old Westerbeke Diesel engine. Since the engine was removed eight years ago to make way for the Thoosa 9000 electric propulsion system it really has no business remaining on board. Likewise when I was looking at the galley area and found the remains of a long broken paper towel dispenser still attached underneath one of the cabinets:

It too had been hidden from my view for several years. It too can be removed from the boat since it no longer serves any useful purpose on board. Meanwhile in the boatyard little things remind me of the rapid approach of the up coming sailing season. The moorings are gathered together with new shackles replaced ready to be deployed on the harbor bottom.

Little things that are reminders that launch time will be here before one knows it and to keep on doing things on board to be ready when it comes.

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