Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Here's an item that would fit right in on a cruising boat or even a landlubbers apartment:
 It's called the Power 8 Workshop:

It looks like it has just about every tool one might need to do a lot of different projects on board yet stores in a very compact space. Which is an important since space is always a concern.

  • Includes 4 Power Tools; variable speed hammer drill, circular saw, jigsaw and flashlight. Each tool integrates with the workbench to become a drill press, table saw, scroll saw and table light


bill said...


Thanks for that. Count me impressed.

bill said...

They're out of stock on Amazon:


Capt Mike said...

Hopefully they will restock soon Bill. If I did not already have most of the individual tools on board I would definitely check this set out. I really like how neat and compact it stores. Instead of digging around to find a tool in one of my boats cabinets.