Wednesday, December 20, 2017


The cold chilly days are not very enticing to get me to head down to visit BIANKA. But, if the forecast calls for a sunny day and the temperature in the 50 degree Fahrenheit range I'm willing to make the journey. So that's what I did yesterday. I had no major plans just to check on the boat and especially the bilge and throw a quick charge on the battery banks. Still there is always something to do while waiting for the battery charger to top things off. When I had the yard unstep the mast in October I just threw the rigging lines into the cabin:

Since they are blocking access to the tool cabinet I tied them up neatly and stowed them out of the way in the forward cabin.

 I also found out that Hand Vacuum's battery I use for quick clean ups had run down a bit. So I charged it up too.

I also removed the last remaining food items from the Engel refrigerator and shut it down for the winter. Just a can of Seltzer and some V8 Juice.  

Risky to leave such items on board over the winter since the liquids can freeze and the can burst. I also took the time to tape up the locker cockpit hatches so there is little chance of rain or snow making it's way through the cracks.

 Finally a quick check of the bilge showed no appreciable water. So that was good. Even with just a quick visit I felt I had got a few things done until the next warm day comes along and a visit to the boatyard seems like a good idea.

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