Saturday, June 27, 2009

Going Electric Part 5: Another milestone!

Well vacation is over so it's time to get back to work on the blog and the electrification of Bianka.

At this point I've removed the engine and the useless engine driven refrigeration components. But, I still need to remove the refrigeration piping that ran from the port side amidships all the way to the aft starboard side where the compressor and other components were located. Someone spent some time and money installing this system.

As much as I hated to remove it. It looks like some expensive tubing as show here (white hose) it is copper tubing surrounded by insulation and a durable outer cover. I had no plans to replace the refrigeration system. But, as long as I have easy access to it's location this is time to remove it. Actually, I may use it for a solar energy heating project in my home so it won't be just thrown out. But, what's that yellow canister on the right side of the photo?

Why it's the Racor fuel filter! This certainly will have no use on board once I install electric propulsion. Since I have already drained the fuel tank the photo shows me about to start draining the last few ounces of diesel on board. I consider that another milestone!


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