Saturday, June 27, 2009

Going Electric Part 6: Scene of the grime

Well, I've got most everything that was involved with the now removed diesel engine off of the boat. However, the eight hundred pound gorilla in the engine area or maybe ten pound container is this: It's the Hydro Hush water filled muffler. It was supposed to help keep the exhaust from the diesel engine quiet. Relatively speaking. Of course it has no use on board a boat with electric propulsion. I tried to remove the hose that leads the the exhaust outlet in the transom. But, it would not come off easily and life is too short. So...................
Time to bring out the hacksaw. I won't be removing this part of the exhaust system that leads to the transom. I think it will have some future use either as a vent port for the battery bank area. Or it could be turned into an additional cockpit drain or maybe connect it up to an additional bilge pump. It is about the only thing involved with the diesel engine I'm keeping on board.

Getting back to something I mentioned in Going Electric Part 3. The foil faced foam installed in the engine area.

It's purpose was supposedly make the noise from the diesel engine a little quieter. I've always thought it's effectiveness was minimal at best. But, I did not pay to have it installed and there would be no harm in not removing it. But, I have reasons to remove it at least on the starboard side of the engine area. After I install the electric motor I will be running the wires to and from the controller in this area. So I will be wanting to secure those and other wires. The wood that the foam attached to is the perfect surface to do this. Taking the foam off will make this job easier. But, after it's removal I came upon the scene of the grime:

This photo shows just how much grime gets thrown off by the diesel engine over the years. I did have an exhaust elbow develop a hole a few years ago. After the repair I pulled everything out of the locker and wiped the whole locker down with a sponge and cleaner. Looks like I did not get to all the areas or this oil or some other grime thrown off by the engine belt. Since the engine area is pretty cleared out. You will find other areas like this:

This is looking upward toward the cockpit deck which shows another area covered with grime. This is a good time to look around and find all the places that you might have missed cleaning before. The nice thing about going to electric propulsion these areas will not get this grimy in the future.




Maureen said...

This step by step documentation is very, very helpful to me as I am going electric on Lilliput.
It has taken my 2 months to get my Volvo MD1 engine, its 50?? lb. steel support system and all the related items out and am ready to begin cleaning. Oily black grime everywhere, especially on me! Looking forward to repairing holes in engine compartment which was molded as part of the liner then painting bright white!

Thanks for putting this out for us to follow.


Capt. Mike said...

Just remember that engine space will never be as dirty ever again! I think you like me will get used to the smell of "clean" once you finish cleaning that engine space.