Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The main reason I made this cruise to New York was to participate in a flotilla of boats welcoming back Reid Stowe a mariner who has spent over 1000 days at sea. The flotilla is to meet up Tursday June 17th by the Chapel Hil Channel near Sandy Hook. So I decided to head down there today and anchor and wait for the floatilla on Thursday. I arrived near the Sandy Hook Coast Guard station to find only one boat anchored there. It was Reid's boat the Schooner ANNE. As I sailed close by I could still see Reid still had the yellow quarantine flag flying. I guess this ment he still had not cleared customs. I did not see Reid and did not call out to him as I sailed by a few times. After three years at sea I figured he needed the space to get ready for his return to New. York. You can see in the photo the ANNE looks like she has been away for awile. Likewise I anchored a ways off again to give Reid his space before all the hoopla he will receive once he gets back to New YorK.
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bonnie said...

Wow...she looks battered. But more or less in one piece & that's the main thing.

Thanks for the early posts - will keep an eye on your blog tomorrow.

Capt. Mike said...

1000+ days at sea will do that to a boat. But, it has proved it was seaworthy. BTW Reid built it too.

bonnie said...

I know, I used to keep a kayak at Pier 63. Watched the whole thing pull together, it was really quite an effort! Very happy for Reid & all associated today, looks like it's a beautiful day for the return.

Almost said homecoming but for all the roving, Reid never really left home, did he?

Have a great day out there.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to my cube I go.