Saturday, September 04, 2010


Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks is a rather annoying yet disturbing pop song that probably should only be listened to once. Likewise Hurricane Earl was an annoying yet disturbing weather system that should also only be experienced once if you are lucky. BIANKA and I were. Though I think my being pro-active in preparations for the storm did help too. Unlike the Dixie Chicks song which seems to condone murder as a solution to ones problems. I choose fight Earl enlisting the services of Bruce the 33 lb Bruce anchor who along with 100 feet of chain held Earl off very well all day and into the night. Even so I had the two Danforth Bros lying on each side of the deck waiting to join the fray if Bruce was not able to handle Earl by himself.

I was also pleased with the performance of the new and improved solar dodger as it made sitting in the cockpit a little more comfortable  on anchor watch at the height of the storm and did not threaten to fly away in the stronger gusts of wind. The fender in front of the hatch also kept driving rain from flooding down the main hatch when entering and leaving the cockpit. It was also handy to have in that location in case another boat started dragging too close to BIANKA and I could use it to fend off another boat. I am glad to say it was not needed for this function.

I was up until 1 AM before I felt comfortable enough to go to sleep. Throughout it all I did not ever think things were getting dangerous or that something would fail. My plan A worked though I did have a plan B and C and if all hell broke loose plan D. Still, I'm very happy this sun shiny morning to be able to say goodbye Earl.

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