Sunday, September 05, 2010

I should have known better.

During Hurricane Earl I noticed I saw that the maximum gust on my Taylor Weather station read 75 knots. Now I don't really believe this happened. But, I wanted to see what other boats in the harbor had seen. I tried contacting them on the VHF but, seems nobody had theirs on. I usually keep mine on when I'm on board. You can get some useful local information or even entertainment by listening. But, since I could not contact anyone I decided to take my morning swim and head over to the two story seventy foot motor yacht anchored next to BIANKA and ask what they had seen during the storm. I had been in the cockpit keeping an eye on this behemoth motor yacht during Earl. Because  if it dragged it would be coming close to my boat. I could see the glow at the helm area from all the electronics screens it had on board. Surly they had an accurate take on the wind speeds during Earl. As I swam closer the Captain was putting out the cushions on the rear deck. In our gam I asked him what kind of winds he had seen during Earl. "Don't know I have no wind indicator on board." was his reply. Well, so much for that at least I got a good swim out of it. I was fooled by all the fancy electronics and antennas , satellite dishes located on the motor yachts radar arch. Silly me I should have known they would not have had a wind speed indicator on board.

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