Saturday, March 12, 2011


I sent an email to Greg at ELECTRIC SEAS knowing that he is currently on Okinawa Island in Japan. I was concerned to see how he survived the Earthquake and Tsunami there. I was surprised at his response. Every thing was OK in Okinawa. They did have a tsunami warning issued but, he did not  "even feel as much as a ripple" on his boat in the harbor there. That was not the case in Santa Cruz California. Where even some relatively small tsunami waves shows how destructive a force it really is:

And it's not only the waves that cause the damage: Capt Mike CAUTION: Videos contains strong language:

And sometimes Neptune mysteriously does protect some boats like the one here named "High Roller":


Greg Martin said...

Wow!!! That's totally unbelievable that the tsunami would cause that much damage all the way across the ocean in California!!! That's crazy! With all the news coverage about the tragedy in mainland Japan, somehow I missed this. Thanks for posting! Mother Nature has an attitude sometimes!

Capt. Mike said...

Yes, I was surprised too. Quite a bit of destruction from a few small Tsunami waves. Of course it pales in comparsion to what happened on your side of the Pacific. Still, it shows the forces that can be unleashed on the water.