Thursday, June 16, 2011


I do enjoy my life on board BIANKA. Which might seem boring to some who need restaurants, nightlife and the constant companionship of others to feel that they are living well. I can find myself very happy with just sailing, and staring while anchored in some quiet location and preparing my meals.   Living on board for me is never boring and I find it does not have to be expensive either. It very much depends on what you need and not necessarily on what you want as Bob at BOAT BITS points out here and here. I was reminded of this lesson a few weeks ago when I was getting BIANKA ready for launching. The boat was still on land and I had not yet started provisioning her for the season. I decided to take break for lunch and check out a new waterfront restaurant at the nearby Town beach. It was a little more upscale from the snack bar next to it and had a nice waterfront view overlooking the beach. I had an appetizer, fish sandwich and a glass of wine. The bill came to a little over $41.00. A few days later after I launched BIANKA I went to the supermarket and spent about the same amount of money on groceries that I bought back to the boat. But, with those groceries I had lunches for a week as well as breakfast and some dinners including a delicous Lobster Roll for the same amount. Oh yes, I still had a waterfront view while dining in the cockpit.

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