Friday, June 10, 2011

SPRING LAUNCH: Friggin' Rigging

Well BIANKA finally got launched. The mast was stepped easily enough. But, the rigging took way much longer than usual. I don't know if it was the 90 degree heat along with an ozone health warning and no breeze or it's just that I am getting older. But, I raised and lowered the wishbone several times before finally getting it right. My first major mistake was not checking the choker block on the boom. I had it raised into position I climbed the ladder and attached the hanger lines and was about to install the choker line through the block when I noticed the block had no sheeve. What the...? I know it was fine last year somehow over the winter it fell apart and I missed it. So i HAD TO  unhook the hanger lines and lower the boom and replace the bad Schaffer block with a new Garhauer. I then raised the boom... wait did I put the right block on the boom? So I again lower the boom and inspect the block turns out I did. So it went on like that for a few hours in between stops to rest and take on water in the sultry tempertures. Finally everything was rigged and the sail put on and once out on the mooring all was right in the world as I opened up a cold beer and toasted to the new season.


Anonymous said...

I'd agree with getting older for certain, but the high heat sure wouldn't help.
...and I thought I was the only one that could do something several times the wrong way before finally getting it right!
Enjoy the sailing.

Capt. Mike said...

Yep you would think after 16 years it should be getting easier. Stil it felt good to be back on the water