Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I cruised 285 nautical miles this year with BIANKA. Making a total of 1485 miles since I converted the boat to electric propulsion. A little less than last year. But, I managed to get a few weeks of freelance work this summer which did not happen last year. So I spent a few less weeks over the summer on board.  Such is the life of a freelancer.  BIANKA also came through Hurricane Irene and a Nor' easter on the mooring this year without a scratch. I did have a day on one of my cruises this year where I had to motor for over 10 hours using electric propulsion. That was the most I have had to do that since I installed electric propulsion and once again the electric propulsion system came through with flying colors.


Jeff said...

That is pretty good, how far can you go with a full charge?

Capt. Mike said...

Hi Jeff:

The ASMO MARINE system is speced for 20 miles at around 4 knots. But, I use my Honda 2000 generator to help augment the battery bank in a poor mans hybrid mode. I'm conservative in my battery usage. I will operate under battery only for a few hours. Then I will fire up the Honda once the battery use has dropped 10 to 20% from a full charge if it looks like I'll be motoring for an extended amount of time. Which is not too often. The Honda will push the boat at 3 knots without drawing any battery amps in calm conditions.

Dan said...

Your successful results are inspiring. It’s good that it has worked out so well. So far I’ve noticed around that anyone who has elec-propulsion love it and those who don’t have it or never had it are just missing out. I was looking at some boats online (35’-38’) and thinking of what it would take to go electric. I was looking at doing some coastal cruising and eventually longer voyages. I enjoy reading your blog and getting as much info. Thanks for sharing your progress.

Capt. Mike said...


Thanks Dan. Yeah, I agree the naysayers are really missing out by dismissing electric propulsion. After I while I just have to smile and shake my head and just keep motoring passed the fuel docks. From my perspective it just seems to get better and better on board since I made the conversion.