Monday, February 17, 2014


I am occasionally reminded that boat owners do not have to be in the middle of a stormy ocean to die. Back in the mid nineties I was living aboard BIANKA at the Chelsea Piers docks on the west side of Manhattan. I worked in midtown and it allowed for an easy commute to work but, allowed me a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city. Back then they closed down the marina in the winter. So I was only able to stay there from April to the beginning of December. I had a great time there living on board and a ten minute commute was an added perk since I was working long hours and had little time for enjoying the boat. But, at least I was on it everyday. Then today came this sobering story:

"Body discovered near Chelsea Piers that of missing fashion designer Michele Savoia
The body of Michele Savoia, 55, was fished from the water by NYPD divers near his yacht at Pier 59. The designer — whose client list included Robert DeNiro, Mickey Rourke and Chris Noth — likely slipped off a gangplank leading to the yacht after a night of partying, sources said."-DAILY NEWS

Just a little reminder that one should never let ones guard down just because your boat is tied to a dock. One wrong turn or slip could be your last. Add some type of altered state of mind due to booze or drugs and your chances of a tragic accident increase quite a bit.

One wrong turn is all it takes
and there ain't many signs -
you only get a few breaks.
Some get more. Some get less.
One wrong turn leads to the next.

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