Thursday, April 30, 2015


I've given up any hope of selling the Honda BF2 Four Stroke outboard that had been on BIANKA since I bought the boat in 1995. Over two years ago it went to the bottom of the harbor during Hurricane Sandy when the dingy flipped, It had been taking up space in the garage for over two years since I salvaged it of the bottom.  I tinkered with it but, found at a minimum it would need a new

I thought someone might be interested in trying to revive it and put an ad in some sailing forums but, had no response. So I decided to get rid of it as part of the spring cleaning effort.  But, before I pitched it out I gave it the once over to see if there was anything I might be able to use on the boat. I did find two things that would come in handy as spare parts for the boat.

 Since I use a Honda 2000i generator on board for a number of things I found that the gas cap of the Honda outboard would also fit the Honda 2000 generator. Buying a spare gas cap for the generator had been on my mind. Since I worried that one day I might lose the original one over the side accidentally when refueling. Now I would have a spare without having to buy one, The other item I thought I could use was the pull cord for the out board which was another spare item I had wanted to have on board. Since I had to replace it once already. These were just small items but, they good items to have on board as spares for when you needs them. Better on the boat than in a landfill and saved me about twenty bucks too.

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